this comes from jo’blog and is dedicated to the brave benoni citizens, especially those living in johannesburg …

I see dead people

Posted by Don under Current Affairs , Crazy Shit on June 21 2007 at 11:18 AM

VirginmarySo, Benoni, of all places, is hosting a 17-year old girl who can see the Virgin Mary.

As in, Jesus’ mom.

You know, the one who gave birth to the dude.


Francesca Zackey says she sees Mary all over her house. A lady has recently damaged her eyes (no kidding) after Francesca told the devout to look into the sun to see her, directly into the sun. Did your mother, and common sense, never guard you against stupid things like that?

The self-made superstar has stopped granting media interviews. Who are you, Paris Hilton? Apparently, ‘cos it’s generating quite a bit of international media, she’s even bringing people to their knees. Shit, why didn’t I think of it first. Oh wait, I’m not smoking crack…

(Here’s a vid about what the church thinks about it.)


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