achtung! new expression!

at the moment one of the things i just love occupying my mind with is a little power surf now and then into the feminist blogosphere. there are quite some nice ones around, and quite a number are not worth being read. the fact that i havenT made up my mind yet how to distinguish in a number of cases allows me to skip the procedure of putting lil links on the words “nice” and “not worth” mentioned in the sentence above. let me just put it like this: i like for their links (see my last post, thanks for that, sisters!) and i sometimes like bitch ph.d.. the last one introduced a nice new expression to erase that macho saying: “do you’ve got the balls for that?” with the giggling version of: “do you’ve got the skirt for that?” though we know the underlying assumption girl in skirt needs boy with balls is the problem that makes this world go round the way it does, i want to broaden that idea and get in on in german as well, i’d like to put it like this: “hast du überhaupt das kleine schwarze dazu?”. grrrrrr. time to play ideology.


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