long tail

stumbled into a nice selfreflection on being rather ‘long tail’ than ‘a-list’ concerning blogging and the personal operating distance just now at futancy, a project with the charming subtitle ‘poetry used to hide my small genitals’:

“I dunno, you dunno, James Dean doesn’t know… so we’ll all see.

By we all, I mean the six people who read the site (I know that at least four of you are my mom hitting refresh to boost my self esteem… Love you mom.)”

a poetry* blog with an good share of references to genitals, by the way. (lucky you, theory will save us all. the author can still be dead. if you wanna.)

*concerning poetry and this feel forcing you into the subtle and strenuous dimensions – ‘i think it’s very dangerous if we do not take whats ours’. well, that one is fundamental. listen to miss jaymay singing exactly that one in ‘gray or blue’ here. (‘i can’t keep staring at your mouth without wondering how it tastes’)


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