not shot in yeoville

“Hey, did you hear, last night in Yeoville a guy was shot yet the bullet couldn’t come through, it couldn’t enter his body due to some things”, he keeps telling me moderately excited, glancing at me from the passengers’ seat to my left. I am searching my way through the Johannesburg afternoon traffic, hooting taxis and all distractions lined up on Louis Botha Avenue, the one I love; it is hot in the car. We’re about to pass the petrol station where I used to get my early or most times rather late morning coffee in times other than these we inhabit. I must have sported a slightly irritated look because he smiles at me, with this mild, knowing look in the eyes commonly shared with children or people leading an equally mad lifestyle, and he says that perhaps “You still don’t understand.”

3 thoughts on “not shot in yeoville”

  1. you know the english language I could forgive, since after all it is not your mother tongue. However I really think you would do better to pay some attention to punctuation since it does have alot of influence over meaning. I suppose you would like to be clear.

  2. I guess you made a point there. Also concerning punctuation… It’s playing, though. How can I find you? And how did you find me?

  3. Yeah you are right, I was drunk when I did that, that is of course no excuse, I don’t need to play with you that would be unkind, unnecessary and all together a bit pooh on my part, anyway there is no game here. Don’t know about finding me, ask D if you want. I am sorry I did that. Go well.

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