the art, the dialogue I


i am currently engaging in the art of mindful conversation a lot, due to interviews to be conducted, and also due to falling, falling, falling for the mere beauty of the act of love-making communication can be. today, getting more into artful modes of deconstruction in the urban space again, i smile in admiration when reading this attempt of a made-up interview* with bansky by the publication “capital&class”, clearly new in the field of street art.the relation between the amount of time and space the question on dreamscapes and its answer gains, is hilarious. and so traditional. go get some imagination! 


C&C: Bansky, have you fostered a reputation to rival Debord’s enigmatic mystique, appearing and disappearing to disrupt, subvert and amuse?

B: yes, I think so.

C&C:  Are you a single person, a collective or a ‘tagging’ current inspired by multiple participants?

B: I’m not saying.

C&C: What’s your favourite colour?

B: Red – no, green!

C&C: Do you believe that dreamscapes created out of ordinary urban spaces by artistic intervention in a playful and irreverent way ctihance the environment, and ofier the possibility of energising people into becoming ‘livers’ of art, rather than being passive spectators of art and of their everyday lives, in such a way that playful creativity is not just the external transformation of the world, but encourages the full development of all human capacities in a transformation of everyday life?

B: Yes, I think so.

C&C: Have we heard last of you?

B: No.


*adam barnard: the anger management is not & class; winter2004, issue 84, p125-128.





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