the heart the fist

occupied with the pathetic security dramas performed in gated communities i indulge in due to stuff on practical resistance in everyday life i got to her again – and i must say, sheS one of my all/time/favourite/old(er)/wise(r) ladies. listen to prof bell hooks talking love, love, love:


bibr: Did you worry about sounding soft with the love books?

bh: Sometimes people tell me these books are shit, which hurts me. But I feel lucky, too, because the biggest black supporters of my love books have been working-class people who are in touch with their own pain. I’m having to argue with “so-called evolved and smart” friends to get them to even consider that they might be dealing with pain. But black men who’ve spent their entire lives in the corners of factories came out when I was on tour with Salvation, because they knew what I was talking about. You’re not going to get your Harvard-Yale graduates making $50,000 a year to think about the meaning of their lives.

bell hooks in an interview with gary dauphin for the black issues book review, vol 4, issue 2, march/april 2002.


“in touch with their own pain” seems to be a noteworthy description of a humble access to exploring the core. hook’s “love as the practice of freedom” (yeah! you name it, baby!) in “outlaw culture” is a forever classic, and whoever would call these text sentimental or high on a romanticized longing or whatwhat might please come over to feel love flow in its harder form, straight from the heart to the fist.


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