an archive of routes

talking to a wonderful friend in this city made up of intertwining, untranslated, unconcious, oh!so concious paths we, sitting in front of a blueish screen in braamfontein, agreed on this: the  internet and our modes of usage are best described as practices of an archive of routes.


we shared this small discovery laughing at the leftovers in internetcafEs, and our new leisure time highlight (both in south africa and, i presume, in switzerland)  is hunting for curious or ordinary files, pictures and other data that quick users have left on the desktops or in the recycling bin not emptied before they dive back into their everyday lives.


these pre/histories in mind i smile at my recent treasure: using bing for a superficial research on can thembas place of death (confirmed: swaziland) i encounter the previous users’ concerns: “can i fall pregnant after having sex for 2 weeks?” these are subtle, small-scale stories and biographies we create from the dust of another one’s departure, yet as all little histories they are worthwhile and, though as questionable as any archive, they speak.


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