heritage chic

form follows was überhaupt?

these last days brought back the discussion of situation & aptum to my thinking about cultural practice, heritage, place-making. especially the strange figure, the non-enigma of the tourist-toilethouse-turned-living-estate-for-a-number-of-families in badagry, nigeria*, which is a stronghold of the country’s attempt to get a piece of the cake of slave heritage tourism. and more, for sure, as not too sound cynical. it’s a haunted place. yet the impression i always get from the jackson family’s move towards things, digging and probably preserving: there must be future investments following up.

also this morning when reading about the design museum holon, which, hell, is CHIC, these questions came up again. and where it’s at? leaving thoughts simmer as there’s other things to do now just a last glimpse on something nice as an aftermath – i love the ‘at your own risk’– piece by the holon architecture think tank’s crowd.

* there is an article coming up. so much to tell.


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