haus-rucker-co: VANILLA FUTURE. LIVE exhibition 1970, new york

spring is coming,

this shy yet steady sunshine, like that first moist kiss  a felt onehundredyears ago (the one that taught you itS only a small shift from lover to loser, and loss is the major theme); spring is coming i hear and say. and smell. please do take responsibility and enjoy yourselves today. hereS a little help from some architects straight out of these (i suppose) crazy years in the 1960s in vienna and elsewhere. vanilla ice-cream and a huge mattress.  sounds like soft porn or then-cutting edge art, slaughtering some cows. i wonder if the post-x in all these thrownnesses & entanglements might for a second have felt like the reluctance of an early afternoon in march. a hint of freedom and adventure, and the urgent desire to leave one’s room, no matter what. and lentekriebel, allerorten.

find some stuff on HAUS-RUCKER-CO LIVE again in linz 2007 here.


One thought on “spring!”

  1. While searching for information on the Design Museum Holon I found your site and was delighted to see the photograph of a blonde woman holding two ice cream cones. This photograph is associated with the spring of my life. It was taped to the wall in my kitchen for many years. By now, torn and tattered, it is somewhere in the recesses of a closet, a joyous reminder of good years.

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