Philipp is gone!

newtown, johannesburg,  public viewing area,  2010. wann sonst.

so how will we sustain – without ‘waka waka’ blasting from every petrol station, waving flags and wishes for change at the junctions,  robot-shaped softdrink crates invading public space, all the pimped up british soccer chicks and heaps of tourist footsoldiers marching in town? and, of course, being without ‘philipp’ after a four weeks of real intimacy? how?

to reveal the foreign tongue’s slow moves: it was, to my disgrace, only yesterday that i realized that ‘philipp’ was around. a beautiful mind at a jazz spot in town told me (tongue in cheek and glass in hand) that one of his favourite detours of popular culture in the last weeks had been the misunderstanding of the overheard official campaigning slogan “feel it, it is here” as “philipp is here”. i just love that one! so here’s to him having left the country and me finally getting it right when the one asked me how i feel about good old philipp being so 2010.

it was a blast, that whole story of the tournament, as hilarious,  crude and random as mega-events and their grim impact on the local are (major disrespect included, plus some good will stuff, masses of researchers (hello, world…) and some bucks dropped here and there).  letS read the leftovers. and learn: for this is the really interesting time coming up.  and itS good to know – if just for reminiscence –  that we can trust south afrikan avertising agencies with their fondness for pathos and a slighty romanticized versions of hard-core nationalism. this just wonT stop. there will always be a phil around the corner – rugby, anyone?


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