spiced shweshwe

equally marvelous ann, with her wonderful blog she wears shwe shwe, recently came over to sophiatown to join our cooking club kick-off party in the park. she gave the club  kudus with her little text on its activities (and itS cutting edge aprons, that were done by a lady from Sophiatown as well. itS all local.)

Sophiatown Cooking Club

I recently met Katharina, a marvelous person doing similar work to some of the work we are doing  here  in Brixton, in the community next door.

One of their projects ( just one of many interesting social cohesion projects) is a cooking club and I was invited to the launch of it.  For the launch they had the most beautiful aprons made out of shwe shwe and other materials.

The shwe shwe is not typical of the blue and white print, but from the Three Cats  Range ( I even peaked underneath one to check)

I am sure that with such stunning aprons the cooking club will have loads of fun and fab food.

for sure we will. and indeed – the club is one of the community activities in sophiatown that successfully draw together people from different areas of life & have them enjoy and indulge in diverse dishes, stories & all that jazz. itS a pleasure to be with the ladies – if you are keen to join us write leave a message, and we share the next meal & drinks.


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