worth a word.

so there are these moments when you feel it is all a bit much to take, and you feel like turning around, or rather, turning away for a week of the well-worn combination of salty air, chosen solitude and sitting somewhere gazing nowhere, but then you hear some lines again, and mrs hope is around the corner (i see her in front of my eyes as one of the wise women i have encountered, free of the easily distracted excitement of my years, a resilient, beautiful lady, red nails and dress tight not cheap), here she comes, saying – shut up and listen. listen and learn. open your mouth. speak, you can.

i saw this lady last year in jo’burg and was not too impressed by her performance, yet this moves me, it moves me towards saying that i will be the proud mother of our children one day, towards saying that get the hell out of my way, towards saying if money could buy you this, sister, but it can’t and towards a thank you to the random source of these blessings i breathe and walk in and see when i have the guts not to deconstruct them right away.


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