a smile for all seasons

ladies, gents,

take two minutes in your busy lives and read this

a piece written by colleague sam ndogo from bayreuth – in order to honour the small deeds that make life better, bearable and worthy, colleagues from BIGSAS at the university of bayreuth said DANKE for everyday friendliness, warmth and pragmatic humanity in the context of “anti-racism week”. in a moment of surprise they gave flowers and a message to the normal people that make life work – without bias and prejudices. mostly without a name, hardly recognised, they enable us to travel, to eat, to enjoy time. so here they are – in the attention of all of us, who wish to show gratefulness. a surprise weighs more than a bunch of flowers. and both came at the right time.  this might sound small to some, yet who ever experienced the rather darker sides of human interaction knows about the encouraging and liberating potential of small gestures “for all seasons”, as ndogo puts it, wisely – both as a fact and a vision.

so let’s celebrate the small things that define our lives and transgress definition. let’s not do “racism week”, “women’s day”, “16 days of activism”. i think of pumla dineo-gqola, when writing this, and her forever great piece on home & freedom in an old chimurenga magazine. work. towards. utopia. let us live our life in the heart-stopping opportunities for practising heaven. like in the supermarket parking lot, on the bus, in the street. smile. towards. utopia. and let’s be loud, heard, sharing and understanding, and let’s get what we want. there is no other way. “if you want freedom, practice justice”, reads the bumper sticker of my colleague in joburg. i guess he is making a point there, though he drives me mad when behind him at a red robot. home. freedom. justice. big words, small steps,  hard work, and a lot of failure. but then, again, there’s something already in the effort. beauty, deep beauty. like that smile.


One thought on “a smile for all seasons”

  1. Aww Hello! its Shayshay from quirkyanything! I just peeped your blog! Love this post… It encourages everyone to take pride in being them selves, and that is the best thing to ever do.

    Regarding the questions, you could send me an e-mail with the questions you’d like me to answer, and i’d be more than willing to answer them!


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