love to the busy crowd.

it’s amazing, again and again, how the busiest people make time for other busy people. emeka alams, i sense, is one of them. driving an incredibly interesting project, which is likewise intellectually and aesthetically appealing,  (though iD never separate the two, anyways) he has time. though he clearly has not. his current work before1444 got me completely – i am fascinated by the way fashion as a performance deals with historical traces of violence.

i got interested as i also thematizes the soweto uprisings. from another angle, i would say

i am grateful for all the inspiring people this slice of life enables me to meet – either physically or virtually. we are very blessed to be able to connect. so here’s to peaceful encounters, to making space, to the fruitful components of business.

watch this space, writing on fashion and memory coming up.


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