Sophiatown farewell. And hello.

I don’t know whom to thank for all the connections this special place – whether it is one is another debate – makes possible.

This one is from Peter Horn, the great poet, and it moves me, in its time-boundness and transgression.




after Catullus

Be my guest tomorrow and we will have
a rolling party – if you bring some bottles
of cane spirit, that is, and a beautiful girl,
and snacks, and wit, and a bagful of laughter.
Bring these, my friend, and we will drink
well, for my wallet is full of nothing but
cobwebs. You know the police have declared
my house unfit for living in. And yet it was here
that we laughed and loved so well,
or what was finer still, talked into the morning,
of the past, the present and the future.
Tomorrow will be the last time, so be sure to come.

Peter Horn: Sophiatown Farewell. 


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