a scam a day: ze merkels

This one just made its way to the inbox of a Nigerian friend. Written by ‘Mrs Victoria Merkel’ it asks for support to ‘help the poor masses’. Me love scam:


  • “This message mey come to you as a surprise I am Mrs. Victoria Merkel
    from Germany, Married To late MR BERNARD MARKEL we were married for many years without any child . I am a philantropist and have been
    engaged in the building and establishment of humaniterian foundation.
    I help the poor masses, I am contacting you to donate a FUND to you
    with trust,this fund is ment for building Orphanage Centres, less
    privileged and HIV/AIDS Victims in the society, ETC. Contact me at
    E-mail (mrsvictoriamerkel935(AT)gmail.com) for more information Mrs Merkel.

    Plese change this (AT) in my e-mail address and use the normal (@).”


    Please beware of the Merkels and their development aid, gents and ladies.


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