but for this world, just for a while

so thereS this touching poem that trevor huddleston cites when he reports in his ‘ecstasy and agony’ about the inkatha – anc clashes in the 90s. the poem by a man called ellington ngunezi was published in the natal witness of 15.9.1988 and re-produced by huddleston on p 113. it talks about the death of a beloved one due to violence, and it goes partly like this:

‘And there is no complaining

About anything anymore.

And there are no temptations anymore.

And there is no eating, nor smoking,

No drinking, no cinemas,

And there is no womanising

O Lins, Lins

Your movement to heaven

Was a reminder that we are

Not for this world,

We all have to be covered with

Our last blankets some day;


i wonder if mr ngunezi is still around on this side of things; if so i wish him beauty; and i pray to some heaven that before transgressing to a better state, there will be more time for other blankets, for smoking, drinking, (wo)manising,  for the warmth of day fading,  for rushes of excitement, for quietness and solitude, and for the silly belief that there simply cannot be any last day.


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