sophiatown heroines: regina brooks & mbali zwane


there’s a new artikel on my personal sophiatown heroines Mbali Zwane & regina brooks available now, in the latest  issue of queer magazine FIBER. it’s available for 4,50euros. order here:

in the piece i argue, in the beautiful german language, that while being plotted out with the name (homage or punishment? critical comment? whatever reason mr tobiansky had to call the streets he aimed to sell off after his wife) of a woman, the stories around heroines of every day life are largely dismembered. i write about two women whose lives impress me: regina brooks, now in her 80s,the first woman to strike back at the immorality laws of segregated south africa by being a fierce tricksterette; and mbali zwane, a young, 30-something woman working for the legacy of the narratives of sophiatown, who has a lot on her plate but makes her way in life without big-mouthing around as the writer likes to do. i salute them. and all the nameless women who made and make life worthwhile, decent and beautiful for themselves and their surroundings, in sophiatown and elsewhere.


btw: i write a lot for FIBER. you can find an older article of mine there online, entitled “come, come, sweet wahn”, in fiber #18 “Wahn”,  dealing with the (self) techniques around female orgasms, as well as some books reviews etc. but buy and support the magazine, it’s worth every cent and, in a lot of senses, free.


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