to those we love.

this world lost a very special being.

our brother passed on, leaving in this world his beautiful wife, and their wonderful daughters. and he left, when he transgressed, his vision of living a truthful life in a city and in a world which demands otherwise, and cherishes greed more than care. we will forever remember you and your words, your laughter, your jokes about corruption luring at each corner, your ideas sketched with joy and humour. i am grateful for your ability to accomodate a complete stranger into your family and to make me feel home. we will strive to be exactly that for your children, and for the children of this world.

i think of you and your wife, your girls, when reading the lines that marc chagall wrote when his lover passed on:

“i believe that one day there will be people who will be receptive for the magical scent of her flowers, and for her art. (..) there was thunder, when at 6pm on the 2nd of september 1944, bella left this world. night fell in front of my eyes”

you passed on in the arms of your fellow traveler, our sister who loved you truly, and who you loved truly. there’s little more one could wish for.




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